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Where did the concept of mobile grooming start?

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  • Where did the concept of mobile grooming start?

    I was interviewed by a local magazine this week and one of the questions she asked me was, "Where did mobile grooming start?" I didn't know for sure! Does anyone know?

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    I would love to know also. I love the history of almost all things.


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      In theory, someone just came up with the idea. I don't know who, so let's say I came up with it lol.
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        The lady who runs WagnTails mentions that it seemed to evolve in the 70's. I haven't seen their video in a while, so I could be wrong, but that's when she got started.


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          For some reason I am thinking that Dina Perry started it... I could be wrong though.


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            Mobile Grooming

            I think that mobile pet grooming started to really take off in the mid seventies. I'm not certain if Dina Perry of WagNTails fame is the person who actually invented mobile grooming, but if not she certainly had a big hand in bringing the popularity of mobile pet grooming to the public.

            Congratulations on your enterview! That's really neat!


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              I am going to guess the 70's. There was a company called CLIPPERSHIP they have since been sold and the name changed to *********. They had a grooming school that trained groomers for their mobile operation.

              IMO I don't think that D.P. is old enough to take credit for creating mobile grooming, just several improvements.

              Some areas are still finding out about mobile grooming, to them it is a new concept.


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                In my little state - Delaware,
                there's only 5 of us that I know of.

                People always say "WHAT A GREAT IDEA" But I always tell them, it's just not common here and it wasn't my idea.

                I would say since there is no known documentation that has been mentioned that it probably started out with a few home conversions prior to the idea becoming a hit with the bigger companies starting into it.

                Maybe someone used their show vehicle RV to get to a few clients on the side, and then whamo! You have a mobile groomer and the concept was unrealized until the profits started to show.


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                  What a concept

                  It would be super to know something of this part of our industry history of this aspect. Here in my area, there are so many Mobile groomers , you just wouldn't believe it! But growth is so vast and expanding daily, that it's almost a have to have thing. You just can't afford to have a shop in the malls in the new areas(overhead would eat every bit of profit), but so many people to service in those areas.

                  I know there are a lot of areas that are still new to the concept of Mobile...I'm going to be re-locating to one this spring...I just hope the concept takes off there, too.


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                    Interesting topic and hard to research

                    This kind of thing really bugs me, I can't find much information on the topic.
                    The closest thing I got was who was the first in Los Angelos. She started 22 yrs ago.


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                      Not that this'll help much but the gal who turned me onto going mobile converted her first RV in 1972. I think she quit grooming completely in 87 or so.


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                        Here in Orlando I know a mobile groomer thats been around 25 years and she has been mobile the whole time. She is a big inspiration to me and an invaluble source of information. This is an interesting topic, I hope someone can narrow it down.
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                          Whether it is grooming or not

                          I find that the idea of Mobile is really becoming more known. When I puchased my van at Hanvey he was in the process of doing conversions for Vets, family doctor, pizza oven andd more


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                            I'll bet Melissa Verplank would know.
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                              Ive looked some more and called a few groomers I know...they told me to quit wondering and get back to work...HaHaHa
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