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Mobile van allowed at food truck plaza

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  • Mobile van allowed at food truck plaza

    Evelyn is a mobile friend of mine and she talked with the owner of a weekend lot for food trucks. About 20 trucks show, especially when there are local games or convention events. She asked if she could rent a space on the lot for her mobile van saying it would help people have more time to eat while she groomed. Last weekend she turned away over 50 pet owners!! BUT she gave them her business card! Clever girl. She also took reservations on Saturday for Sunday, and Sunday she turned more away! Clever girl! This is seasonal from Spring to Fall, but she has only been in business for 6 months and I bet she gets her quota of regulars. And she is hardly putting on mileage.

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    What a great idea.


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      I thought of doing this a while ago. The problem is I'm too busy to handle any more business until my Grooming van Arrives. Then I will have a trailer and grooming van.


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        Wonderful concept.


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          We have a software company in our town and they take pets to work, what an ideal place to drive up to employees. I know this has been done from reading here. I put a coupon in the employee newsletter when they did that and got great response.


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            I am researching companies that allow people to bring dogs to work, might really help kickstart me when I get started with very clientele later this year. I wish we even had a food truck plaza in our biggest local town. Makes sense to be near a park, the fairgrounds, I see the trucks around but scattered.