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  • Hiring Accountant

    The biggest lesson I have learned is Hire an accountant out the gate when starting your Mobile Business.

    I'm bad with keeping the books and keeping track of the numbers. I decided to get an accountant 2 months ago after being in business 4 months.

    I suck at QuickBooks.

    I'm a non groomer business owner with 2 employees. Paying them legally is head spinning. Tax this Tax that.

    I'm about to hire a 3rd employee.

    Oh lord when one of them get sick, Its hard to reschedule because we are so booked out.

    Anyway back on topic. A good Accountant is worth their weight in Gold. They don't have to be a CPA because those are expensive.

    If those that are single person Groomer/Owners may be able to do without an account. I'm doing to much volume to keep up with the books myself.

    Also I have a full time corp Job so I don't have the time either.

    Happy Grooming.


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    I use gusto for payroll. They take care of all fed and state tax, workers comp. I pay like 70 month. All I do is punch in the payroll amounts and it's done. Everyone gets direct deposit on Fridays. I have 7 employees and I do it myself.

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      Irish Its not having the time is my problem. Also I don't like dealing with it. I rather focus on the Marketing side of the house.

      I pay my account $150 a month and she takes care of it all.


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        My parents accountant is going to be doing mine when I go mobile. But he recommended a bookkeeper once a month for a fair price, and then once a year he will do the return.


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          Eh. Used to work for a vet with a bookkeeper (before I was a groomer). Every quarter all the returns she filed were wrong and returned. I fixed them. They were never sent back. I became the bookkeeper too. From there on out I do books myself. In fact I do everything I can myself. I can't see the sense in paying someone to do something I am capable of. Maybe when I'm making more money than I can spend, but doubt that will ever happen.


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            cocker, I'm with you. Have been keeping my own books for nearly 40 years. I use the Dome Simplified Booking Weekly book. Even had an audit once, and the auditor was very impressed with that system. The only time I use an accountant is at tax time, and the record book makes it very easy for the.m.
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            Groom on!!!


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              We use the bookkeeper provided by our accountant, no issues ever, no errors. A good accountant usually has bookkeepers on staff to do the ordinary stuff and saves money for his or her clients.


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                I didn't finish actually. My job is to keep daily records quite well for the bookkeeper, then all she does is to code the expenses properly, not depreciation type purchases and balance cash receipts to bank deposits. So my bookkeeper sort of audits our work and makes the general journal entries for us, and then the quarterlies. Works really well and doesn't cost much.