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    What Gas Purchasing Card should I get that yields the best rewards.

    I need to start using a GAS card instead of my debit card but which one to get I'm not sure of.

    What do you all use? I want the card to be tied to my business.

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    Why settle on a gas card when a card for ALL business expenses mightbgarner you better rewards.
    I use an American Express card for all business and business related items.


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      Forgot to add that when I have my card set up I get points for purchases and activity which are used to make payments on the card. There are other card offers that allow you to get points from sky Miles or anything else you want to purchase. You have to investigate to see what interests you. There are some websites that will allow you to compare cards and benefit plans with them. If you have an accountant they may know some things.


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        One other thing I didn't mention I need to allow my Groomers to get their own fuel so I need to give them a gas card to use.

        Thanks for the reply Honney.


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          Asking around myself for when I go mobile and so few groomers use gas cards except the ones with employees. Never thought about the reward points, that's nice. I found savings of about 5 cents a gallon although some offer more for the first 3 months.