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    For the hubbies and motor heads.This is a diesel motor bulleton board link to ask QA or reference past QA. Doubtful you will find anything on sprinters but you never know.Good for what seems to be every other type of deisel engine.

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    Thank you for the post Doug. My bother is a Auto Shop Teacher in High School but he lives far away, so this will be nice for me. I love to surprise him with Car knowledge because he still remebers me from when we were kids and I could have careless. Now I love figuring out how things work.


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      I found this board because I had a problem with the fuel filter on a power stroke 7.3 deisel. First problem was where the f is it.Second problem was "you got to be kidding I have take off how much stuff to get it out!" Of course you need a special wrench because these things are designed by "special people".Once you waste 30 or 40 bucks in gas getting the "special wrench" only to find out you could have made the wrench in about 15 minutes on a bench grinder and cut the slits in it with a cut off wheel you get the pleasure of getting the inside engine cover off plus the heat shields for the turbo ( 2 hidden nuts have to be found).Remove all the air intake rubber hoses the air filter box the second magic pointless side air box which does nothing except get in the way and even after all that there is a large wire harness that will make you say bad things.
      I wonder if this is the vission Henry Ford had in mind.
      I managed a joke to the tool guy who had a nice pair of knee pads on display.I told him I need a pair of those to assume the proper possition of owning a Ford.Bending over every time something needs to be attended to is starting to hurt my Are Ford and Onan related some how or do they share the same engineering team.
      Hay bubbles ,dont call me when you run into the fuel filter problem.Just shoot the pig.Ya know how you can tell they have not been changing the filter?It clogs up and spays fuel out of the top of the filter canister lid onto your engine which quickly finds it's way to the exhuast and the resonator.When it hits the screaming hot resonator oh baby hold your breath cause it smokes like a mother.Like the misquito trucks of yester day. That was a real fun display at the bank.


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        Doug don't you jinx me! Dawn had a sensor go yesterday,, She was down 2 days, Just replaceing those glow plugs was a PIA


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          Oh ya, You don't have to tell me about fuel filters, Dawn did that last winter there were parts spread out across her lawn! Do you love how they can tuck things up under and inside other things,,


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            My husband thanks you.
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              Hey Doug (this is Dawn, new board, new name!) - It takes 20 minutes to change the fuel filter and a 1/2 inch rachet. You change it from the front. duh duh duh....

              The cam sensor that we changed took about 3 minutes to replace. We were down for 2 days because on day #1, we couldn't find anyone to come out to scan the computer for us, and replacing everything by process of elimination is idiotic. Day # 2 we finally found someone to come and scan it. We ordered the part, had it in 3 hours and wham, back in business !

              The best thing to do when you have a mobile unit is 'BUY A SCANNER' !!! I'm actually ordering mine tomorrow. We can fix just about anything ourselves and relying on joe moe to scan our vehicle really stinks !


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                Yes thanks for the link....
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