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Is the Honda 3000is generator enough to run the Coleman 11000btu RV Air conditioner ?

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  • Is the Honda 3000is generator enough to run the Coleman 11000btu RV Air conditioner ?

    Hi !
    I'm trying to install an air conditioner in my mobile grooming van.

    I'm looking at the Coleman 11000btu rv power saver RV Mach 1 as the reviews sounds good where power saving is concerned. And I only need a small air cond & this seems to fit the criteria.

    Do let me know if anyone knows or is using a better air conditioner or one that works with the amount of power as mentioned below.

    Everything in the the van is run by my Honda 3000is generator except for the 2 vents that's connected to the front engine battery. Actually the front battery is also connected to the generator(it has a DC output of 8.3A) so that the batteries are charged as I'm grooming in the van(engine off). I make sure that only one big item is on at any one time e.g. if the water heater is on I would not use the blower or the stand dryer. The air cond would only come on after all these are shut off.

    So far the Honda & air cond dealers mentioned that the Honda has no problem powering the 11000btu air cond. But my installer mentioned that it needs 3 times the power just to start. He mentioned that the Coleman draws 1750watts(i'm not sure how he got this figure) & 3 times would definitely be more than 3000watts. He is no expert in generators but he's been installing air conds in vans for sometime.

    Please advice ! Thanks !

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    WGT installs Onan 7000 generators to service our needs.........a 3000 series might not be sufficient.

    Happy not knowing anything about generators

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      I do not believe it will work. There are initial surge amps on a.c. compressor start up that will overload that 3000. There are hard start capacitors that can be installed on the a.c. to help lower the amp draw.

      Uncle Dave is the technical math guy here. Maybe he can chime in.

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        After looking up the spec sheets for both the gen and the ac unit I would have to conclude it is not that it cant be done but it is so tight it would not be practical. Not knowing you or where your located which would determine the climate you work in coupled with the a serious amount of delicate procedures you would have to operate under when turning anything on or off and what is able to work at the same time or not it just wouldn't be worth saying yes and most likely for most people it would be no. If the ac unit ever goes into lock up from cycling too quickly it will shut down the gen just with the ac only. Even running two generators together would be become a pain in the backside. These units can be combined to run two gens together but your grand improvement is 56 amps and with the maintenance being doubled not worth it. The continuous running output on the 3k is not 3k that is limited to 30 minutes run time without any surges and as far as a real surge goes it has a 4 sec limit before it trips off the breaker which is fine for a dryer but not an ac unit in a hot climate.


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          Thanks so much for the feedback. You guys are the best ! So my installer was right ! I'm sure glad I posted here before I purchase the thing online...

          Yeah...would be great to know whether I can run anything to cool off during the summer...I'm based in Toronto. I've been using the K2 mighty cooler...which helps a bit but just not enough sometimes...with winter getting warmer each year(which I'm not complaining) but the summer getting hotter & hotter too....

          Yes, it would be really great to know if there's anything I can do or to add on to keep my Honda generator which really works so far & at the same time improve the cooling system !


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            I think Uncle Dave got the answer here ! ^^..

            If you connect through a 30 amp connector it will kick over, but on a restart on hot day is the killer.

            A hard start kit from a company called SUPCO will make it work smoothly, but don't expect it to work on ECO setting.

            I install hard start kits in all my RV toy haulers and customer devices, it makes the units last longer as well as the compressor start happens much quicker and you don't get nearly the voltage drop.



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              More here...

              "Using a supco I could start and run a 13.5 coleman with a honda 2K - it was at 100% capacity, but would do it I wouldn't do that, but it gives you an idea how effective the hard start kit is.
              a 3000 gives a bit of breathing room.....

              Hard start capacitors from SUPCO are pretty cheap usually around 60-100 bones. Others from dometic can quite expensive but work superbly.

              They can usually be installed for about an hour of labor at any reputable RV shop (usually 125-200) buck so for about 300 bucks you will have a well working solution for a 3000.

              A 7000 is a definite upgrade and will let you run concurrent items like - and AC and dryer, vs one at a time, but you pay a fuel consumption penalty and price up front.

              The 3000 will require more conservative scheduling of power but is enough to " get by" with.

              UD "


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                didnt see the thread until after I answered the private email. - been busy trying to finish van project.

                3000 Honda or Yamaha will absolutely run an 11K unit especially with a 30 amp connector, Ive done it multiple times, and if one goes on the myriad of RV forums you'll see its done all the time.

                That said with a 3000 you have to really know your vehicle and manage your power draws carefully and things like an old battery bank connected through a house charger you dont really know is " on" can make a big difference in available power.

                A quality hard start kit should be mandatory.


                Just in December i used my 3000 for a week and ran not only a 13.5 AC Unit, a fairly stout 1HP compressor, and a Lincoln wire feed welder.
                This 3000 has the boost feature making it more robust, but its really not even a true 3K. (nor is the honda)