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Bringing Grooming to the Pets (article)

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  • Bringing Grooming to the Pets (article)

    Letourneau started Aussie Pet Mobile SoCo Maine, a mobile grooming service for cats and dogs, in January.

    Aussie Pet Mobile is a franchise, and SoCo stands for southern coastal for the territory Letourneau covers.

    “I cover 98 zip codes in Maine and New Hampshire,” Letourneau said while drying the hair of Rico, a Shih Tzu from Buxton.

    Letourneau has a background in grooming but decided she wanted to offer something unique.

    “It’s one-on-one grooming from start to finish.”

    While Letourneau worked, the dog could look out the large window near the mobile work station and see its own yard. And the service is convenient for the customers, who don’t have to bring their pets to a groomer, Letourneau said.

    Letourneau says groomers can expect to make between $40,000 and $60,000 per year depending on their territory and tips.

    The hardest part of the job: “Getting the word out, letting people know this service is here now.”

    Her favorite part of the job: “I literally have the best job in the world. I get to play with dogs all day.”
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