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Alternatives to parking in driveway (against code for me), and other questions

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  • Alternatives to parking in driveway (against code for me), and other questions

    Hello! I so want to switch to mobile from my small shop and am engrossed in the research. One discouraging thing is that I cant park in my driveway and I can get a 9x20 uncovered storage for $60 a month, but that limits me to only a WNT new Ultra van... their new, and smallest model, which I like but know I can get a good used one for much less. So... you all have been through this.. .figuring out what to buy. Its overwhelming. I planned on watching the ads and getting the best deal possible in time for one with low miles. So... what to do? If I get a larger one, the parking is $89 or more a month. Do you all park in your residential drives... those of you who dont have property?

    Part two: Does anyone have a sprinter and is it plenty big? I honestly dont want a behemoth that some have. Dont need it. Iḿ feeling in my heart of hearts that mobile is right for me! That explains the sheer excitement just doing research. The area where my shop is isnt serviced by mobile... and its only a few miles from some affluent neighborhoods. About 4 miles from home is another unserved area. Thanks in advance for any advice or if the paid parking thing is something you would do?

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    When we started my mobile, I realized I could not park at my house due to HOA rules. I started parking in a RV mini storage lot, uncovered. Worked fine except there was no water or power except my own gen power. No trash to get rid of vac hair, no place to really work on it, just a place to park safely. I tried having the van come swing by my house for water, towels and general cleanup, but the HOA forbid this also.

    Make a long story short, I rented a commercial warehouse with a 14ft roll up door. Had all the power, water, storage I needed but was $800 month. By this time I had 2 vans and even though it was an expense, it allowed a safe legal place to run my biz out of and have employees work from. My home was just that, a home with no hairy dog towels in my washer, no behemoth vans on my driveway. I now have a warehouse with enough room for 6 vans.

    From your post, it sounds like you are a 1 person owner/groomer. I wonder if you could park your van at your house if it was unmarked? Some HOA rules allow work trucks if they have magnetic signs that can be removed when parked. After all, especially the new Transits or Promasters, they are very sleek and do not look like a RV like the old Wagn Tail Pet Pro vans like I have with the large high top mounted on the van.


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      FOR SALE

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        As Tom says you may wish to see if you are unmarked if you can park then. We dont have any ads or anything on our rig its just a clean white van.

        Size is relative its smaller than the shortest trailer pickup combo, but larger than a standard van.

        Its a serious piece of equipment with a high buy in price but has low running and post purchase maintenance costs.

        Were building a slightly larger one now with a bathroom in it so we don't feel its too big for LA although the larger one will likely be as big as is practical.