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  • CA Mobilers Please Read and Respond

    Hey everyone,

    The wife and I are planning to move out to California in the beginning of the year. Have hear different things from different people about costs, taxes, being a small business owner in cali, etc. I would like to hear from anyone who is in or has worked in CA. It is just the two of us with 1 van. We are an LLC in VA. I think we might pay the state $100 or less a year and the counties get $50 each annually. I thought I read Cali takes $800 annually if you make $0-$250,000? I've heard you get fined for idling and draining water in the street? What other costs should I be aware of? Guess we'll just have to charge more for grooming.

    Thanks everyone

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    I know of 2 members here that can help you, Uncle Dave and groomservice. Groomservice actually did exactly what you want to do. They moved from the east coast with a groom van and went to Orange County and from their posts, are doing really well.

    Cal has a high cost of living, fuel right now is always over $3 gallon. Housing costs are very high. My LLC in Nevada is $325 year and local licensing is over $500 more per year. No state tax here.

    It's a big state. Depends where you are going to move to that will affect your expenses.


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      LLC fees in CA are $800 a year. Also you are going to get hit hard on vehicle registration fees in CA.

      Idling isn't a big issue unless you are making a lot of noise. Allowing water to drain into the street can possibly be an issue depending on the county and city you are in.



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        Right look up Groomservice's posts here, exactly what you need to know.