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    Cris Carlton knows that a simple car ride can be a nightmare for both a dog and its owner. That’s why she’s taking her grooming business on the road.
    Carlton, who operates Road Trip Dog Grooming, travels the county, dragging behind her a 12-by-7-foot trailer, fully equipped with what she needs to make any dog look a little bit better, whether it be a bath, nail-trimming, hair-cutting, brushing or cleaning sanitary areas of the dog.
    Carlton said her love for dogs is something she’s been equipped with since she was a child, growing up in a family that regularly showed dogs at events.
    “My parents showed dogs and then I worked for a kennel right out of high school and we would show dogs there, and I took care of their boarded kennel,” she said. “My whole history is just working with animals.”
    Carlton said she took a short break from grooming to help her husband with his welding company and for a short stint working at the Kingston Schools cafeteria. But she always knew she was happiest when working with animals.
    “I”m an animal person,” she said. “I have to be working with animals. That’s where I’m happy, is working with animals and helping people.
    “I really love to help people, and by getting into grooming, I get to help the people and the dog.”
    Carlton learned how to groom in the 90’s, she said. She grew up in Texas, but met her husband, Rusty, while he was working a job in her home state, and they would later get married. She moved to Madison County in 2003.
    As for what her busiest days look like, Carlton said she can groom anywhere from five to seven dogs in any given day, depending on what size and breed they are. Because she travels to a client’s home, she said she does have to schedule accordingly so she can serve multiple customers within one area at a time, rather than bouncing back and forth between the entire county.
    The benefits of going mobile, Carlton said, is that it alleviates stress for both the dog and its owner.
    “I travel around and I go to the people’s houses, so if you have a dog that gets really stressed out riding in a car, this would be a good fit, because then they don’t have to get in the car,” she said. “I go to your front door and pick up the dog and groom the dog at the house and give the dog back. So if you don’t want the hair in your car or if your dog’s muddy, you don’t have to worry about that.”
    Road Trip Dog Grooming’s services are by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, call 479-737-5858.
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