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Dealing with Large Stop Cancellation

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  • Dealing with Large Stop Cancellation

    8 dogs - 7 of them are short hair, 1 is a yorkie, her bill is $520 pre tip - Takes me about 4 -4 1/2 hrs if I take my time. The appointment is on Monday usually, so I start contacting her by Thursday before -so I can offer the appointment to someone else if she needs to cancel. So last appointment she trys to reschedule by text on Sunday evening, and now shes up to it again. Giving me the " I`m a realtor, times are tuff routine." Here's the thing - I get it, it's not cheap to have 8 dogs done at one time in a mobile, but you're the one that wanted to be on a 6 week schedule. I understand from time to time you may need to reschedule, but give me some time to fill the slot. I scheduled this appointment for you 6 weeks ago and you want to reschedule a day or 2 before? I responded to her by suggesting to maybe do 4 dogs a month rather than 8 dogs every 6 weeks, to make it more affordable for her, and less of a shock on my schedule if she cancels.
    So all that to say this, How do you - IF YOU ARE MOBILE deal with customers in this scenario?

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    Not mobile but from what I read on forums most clients don't need to be home for you to be able to access and groom their pets. Now if it is a money issue (over 500 is alot of money) then she knew before Sunday night that she couldn't afford it......but you need to make it clear that YOU can't afford to have her cancel at the last minute.
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      I would split them up for sure. No choice for her but to do that. Take it or leave it. I might even split them up every two weeks, so all dogs done in a month, but not a blow to your schedule if she cancels. That being said, if she cancelled more than three times. I'd fire her. Mobiles (and one on one shops) need to rely on their clients being there when they say they will.


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        We have a similar stop every 2 weeks. Yes, that's a problem, it wipes out your whole day if you get a cancel. What can you do? You cannot demand full payment. Maybe negotiate a $100 cancel fee or no show fee if they cancel within 24 hours of the appt.

        If you get burned 1 time, I would not service this client anymore. It's too risky. Tell her your whole day depends on them keeping their appt and you cannot take that risk anymore. Or like you said, break up the grooms into separate trips on different days.

        That's one problem I found with mobile, while it may be convenient for the customer to have the service done at their house, it creates an issue that they need to be home and a 5 hour stop prevents them from going about their daily activities. Yes, I understand some groomers get access to homes when nobody is there, but we have hundreds of clients and I cannot name 1 that allows us in without being home. Maybe it's a west coast thing to be more cautious.

        Forgot to mention, as as insurance policy, and if the client is serious, ask for prepayment so it's paid for and if she cancels, she has to wait for your next opening so you don't lose income from other clients.
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          Thanks Tom, good advice.


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            At least 30-35% of my clients are never home, I have their garage code or key. I also have at least 50-60% of my client's garage codes just in case they aren't home. I would ask her for code or key. I also have a couple of clients who have to wait until SS pays them, so they predate a check to coordinate the check deposit. These two items would eliminate both of her problems with you grooming her doggies on your schedule.

            Happy getting her code/key

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              Even a home groomer or small shop working alone can feel the burn too