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Temperature in your van or trailer

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  • Temperature in your van or trailer

    In hot summer, what temp do you maintain inside. Especially curious how you deal with temps over 100 like Phoenix. So what is comfortable in summer for you. Thanks.

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    Im in FL. I try to maintain the mid 70's inside my van. It can be challenging some days, tho. I have a Sprinter van, the side window does allow alot of sun AND heat to enter my work space. bought a window shade and some strong magnets for the side door window. Its an easy up and down, that has cut the excess heat problem way back!



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      It can be 100° by 9:00AM and over 110° still at 10:00PM - in the summer here in Phoenix. I start early 7Am sometimes earlier if we are looking at a 120° day. Of course ventilation is a must - so I utilize the exhaust fans - I can usually do my first stop or 2 on my inverter, with fans on untill its drying time, but I get uncomfortable at about 85°. AC is on 90% of time from Mid May through October -at least thats how it appears to be playing out this year - its mostly amazing grooming weather from late October through March. Anywho, AC is how we deal with it hear, lots of cold AC - so the biggest BTU AC units are what I use. I like to maintain 70-80°inside the van - in July and August this is tricky. There are alot of factors that will determine how well you're going to keep your van cool, one is humidity. Humidity sucks the life out of the air, makes it appear hotter, it takes longer to dry a dog with a humid van and your AC will be working overtime as well. Another factor is the distance between appointments - If I have to travel 20 or more minutes away( Yes I will be bitching and moaning the whole way) on a 115° day, shutting down your generator and AC will inevitably heat up the back of the van again, so it's definitely not without challenges. I spoke with another mobile groomer at a gas station this summer who had an AC, however he didnt have a large enough generator to run his dryer and AC at the same time. I could not operate in that condition nor do I think the dogs should be exposed to those kinds of temps.
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