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Who pays commission on the actual groom price and keeps a travel fee for each dog?

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  • Who pays commission on the actual groom price and keeps a travel fee for each dog?

    How much do you keep out as a travel fee?
    What percent commission do you pay on the groom price?

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    We do. $20 travel fee. Groomers make commission on groom price only. New hires are 50%, after that 55%.

    Tried 60% years ago and the math doesn't work to keep the business afloat, especially when I pay payroll tax, WC ins, and all expenses including shampoos right down to cotton balls.


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      Ditto what Irish said. Except I don't pay more than 50% .


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        After checking with one of our resident mobile fleet operators yep she does the same, but her mobile fee is considerably more then $20. Her groom prices are about the same as shops or a few $ more. Figuring things her way I have adjusted my figuring, but the prices are darn near right on what I already had. I am now just marketing things "ala carte" writing out services rather then giving a flat fee. This seems to be helping with the callers who think mobile would be less than a shop.

        As far as figuring %, I have always liked what K Fulton did with her mobile fleet years ago... sliding % depending on how much production a groomer is able to do. This would work for a salon too. it gives the groomer an option to produce more thus increasing % they are paid for a time period. I can see this working in a number of situations. Encouraging prebooked dogs, and up selling services. no matter if a mobile or a still figure what that mobile or table needs to operate. In my salon years ago each of my 8 tables needed to produce $400 for the month just to open the doors, every thing from rent, etc, products used for everything, coffee included ( that was before ANY commission was paid)...this was 20 years ago BTW. Mobiles need to generate a certain $ figure per week to stay on the road. Same situation. Just thoughts.


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          I do also like sliding scale commission. In January when some of my mobile groomers are going out and doing 3 dogs or even 2, it would be nice to slide the scale down to 45%.

          2 of my groomers have a average client base where they may be super busy one week, and then slower the next. I have 2 other girls who are solid booked each week and cannot take on any new clients. I cannot go above 55% for them as they are making close to $300 per day already w/o tips.

          I can give you all a example of a groomer who is not built up a strong base and does not groom fast enough vs. a strong efficient groomer.

          To keep one of my vans on the road cost $1500 per month factoring in fuel, ins, supplies, WC insurance, payroll taxes, CC swipe fees, cellular service for the tablet, maintenance costs. You may not believe that cost, but I can assure you, it does.

          The slower groomer makes us a profit of only $1300 (per month) after their 55% commission and $1500 operating costs.
          Now, take my strong groomer. She can for the same amount of days make us $3600 profit per month after the same $1500 expenses and her 55% commission.

          I have 2 strong built up groomers and 2 slower groomers with smaller client bases. It would be nice to slide the scale lower for these weaker groomers until they get rebooks and have a solid calendar.


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            Wow you guys have it down. Lots to learn.