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Storage options for self conversion builds

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  • Storage options for self conversion builds

    What did you all use for built in storage? On the E350 I bought I have a dead space from the wheel well to the front safety rail thingy. I can get measurements. I would prefer not to block the window. I want something I can store my ribbon,, bows, office supplies (business cards and such) plus my crate of odds & ends shampoos I don't use regularly. Pics would be great if you don't mind. Thank you

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    Really depends on your design. I have built in pull out drawers, as in kitchen inserts from Lowes. My shampoo drawer pulls out, then back in so you never see them. I have my tools in same, pulls out or hidden, Keeps the hair out of them when blowing out a fluffy. I have 2 drawers (similar to a file wooden file cabinet) that sit on top of my tools and propane tanks cupboard. Window spring latches keep the drawers locked. the bottom drawer has odd and ends that I might need but don't need out and in the way. Top drawer holds ribbon, bows, bandannas, etc. Everything can be hidden.


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      In my van I built I have a knee high double door cabinet I put shampoos/conditioner gals and cleaning supplies in and on top I have a craftsman tool box with 3 drawers and the top lifts open where I have clippers scissors and such first drawer has blades and combs