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How do you get a vet to refer you to customers?

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  • How do you get a vet to refer you to customers?

    I am officially the owner of a 2011 wag n tails pet pro. How do i go about getting veterinarians to refer me to customers? I will refer them if a dog has an ear infection etc. Do we have to sign an agreement if a dog gets hurt in my care i will take them to them? How do i go about doing this? Should i make a peaceoffering such as a doggy bag or edibles?

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    I think it's like any other person sending you referrals. Seeing your work and being happy with it. Clients that say they are happy with you to them. Not seeing dogs come in cut, nicked or with clipper irritation from you. Dogs being sent to them because you've found an issue with skin, ears, lumps or bumps, just seeing you are paying close attention to the dogs in your care. It takes time.


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      Unsolicited, the vet closest to my shop started referring to me after a couple of their clients told their office staff how much they liked me. Then, I took in some goodies & introduced myself. Now, they had out my cards & refer clients in a very friendly & personal manner. The referrals come from the office/vet tech staff. However, I get far more referrals from a local high-end pet supply store. I take them treats & biz cards about every 6 weeks.


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        I sent out letters to all the vets in the area letting them know that I was a mobile groomer and put a couple business cards in as well. A week or so later I went to all those vets offices with those trifold brochures and more business cards. I've been grooming since 2001 so alot of them knew of me and knew my work. I also agree informing clients of any health / skin concerns is a great way to build repor work vets.

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          I went around to all the local vets without grooming and swapped business cards.


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            My mother had just under 50 vets referring business to her business and that put a lot of business on the doorstep without any advertising. I can tell you easily how. If you have a copy of From Problems to Profits, look in Chapter Eleven for the customer forms. Today some people do "report cards" but here is the original, and to me one far more business like than some cards, not all. Notice you also put disclaimers on this form per the advice of an attorney which every groomer should on their website, brochures, even some on their receipts. It is not scary, just reminders that they are supposed to keep us informed of any changes in pet health, THIS REALLY IMPRESSED VETS, not going off topic. We also wrote OBSERVATIONS of conditions, and there was a space for a MEDICAL ADVISORY, which was written in simple attorney lingo, that based on our observations we recommended the form and pet be taken to their vet, and the owner/manager signed the form. EVERY groom without fail got a report, so it was also a marketing tool, and customers LOVED THEM, some kept every form for the life of their pets. I cannot tell you how many times we heard you saved my pet with that report, no exaggeration here, not a drop. You can also write their next appointment on the front. It takes than 1 minute to fill out, that is not a bother. We issued almost one half million of these in nearly 3 decades, and it brought us more business than groomers can imagine, next to our road sign. I never found them in the parking lot, if you take it seriously, so will your clientele. This is one reason why the demand was so great, we had to grow.

            Every groomer's goal is to set their business apart from the pack, this one worked and vets agreed. In fact, TWO VETS moved within 300 feet of our business, that's how phenomenal my mother's management was. THEY grew their businesses off a dog grooming business.

            So back to vets, we got calls from so many over the years conferring with us (mostly mom) on the report. We asked if we could come by and drop off our brochures and many said yes, and that's how we got so many vets referring from up to 40 miles away. Simple as that. That's how Mom and Dad grew one of the largest businesses ever, not "quantity over quality" but quality and that generated quantity without advertising. The loyal type of quantity too, and never one discount other than a hardship type.

            You can make your own from the model in the book, or most of the forms in the book were upgraded on a disc and you customize and print on your computer printer, so they cost about a penny. Pennies brought hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales, true story. This is NOT like any other card out there and attorney approved.

            If I opened a grooming business again I would definitely set it apart by loyally doing one of these reports at every groom, perhaps digitizing it, and I would introduce myself to every vet armed with supplies and tell them why they should recommend us, if they don't offer grooming. Other than satisfied client referrals from our pet owners, vets can significantly grow your business. Your form is your introduction.