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  • Fleet Mobiles, or having more than one...

    OK, so I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around this...service fee I get. But doing the math doesn't seem like there is a difference in shop price as to mobile price for the groomer. Seems like they still come out the same, 50% at a shop vs 60% mobile... add in the service fee for the total price of the dog, but the groomer is basically making the same. I know there are some advantages, some disadvantages from the stand point of the groomer, but shouldn't $$$ figure into this too for the groomer?

    I'm about to expand into a new market where I may be running another rig, to a family member, but still needs to be on the up and up for $$$. Also , does the service fee only cover the mobiles expenses (gas, oil, maintenance) or are perishables that are used daily covered too. I am having trouble finding info. Yes I've read what I can find and Dana has good advice, but I'm still having trouble getting this down.

    Any help ? TIA

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    Ok. Let me explain.

    I charge a flat $20 per house stop, no matter how many dogs are there. Some days we have 2 stops, other days maybe 6. That $20 is not factored into the groomer pay.

    I pay 55% of the groom price. So a small single dog house is $20 plus say $50 for groom (small haircut dog). Groomer makes 27.50. We get 22.50+20 for 42.50. 2 dogs can be obviously 2 different prices, like a $50 and a $65 dog. So 20+50+65=135. Groomer gets 63.25. We get 51.75+20 for 71.75.

    Advantage to us is it tips the scale so we can pay fuel, insurance, shampoos, payroll tax, swipe fees, etc. Advantage to groomer is generous tips vs. shop groomers. My mobile groomers average $40 to $75 per day in tips.

    My advice, DO NOT PAY 60%. I started that way 8 years ago and had to pay the price in the scale tipping to the employee and I'm stuck with all the bills to pay. I start new employees out at 50%, then 55% after 6 months.

    Any argument by groomers that they can make more in a shop, I say you make the same or more doing LESS grooming, you work alone, no drama, better tips and relationships with your clients, usually higher groom price in a van, freedom of being outdoors and not stuck in a chaotic shop, I will agree, mobile is not for everyone. Some like being around co-workers, like to multi-task and groom more dogs per day, like having a bathroom right there. Summers in the van can be very uncomfortable with very hot weather even with the AC pumping.


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      Thanks Tom, I was trying to wrap my head around this but the numbers just didn't seem to add up. I think the reason was the service fee that had been suggested to me was much higher along with the groomer % was also higher. Also the service fee didn't include the shampoos,etc. where your system has that included.