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Mobile Grooming at Whole Foods

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  • Mobile Grooming at Whole Foods


    NEWTON, MA – Baroo, the leading full-service urban pet concierge in greater Boston, has partnered with Whole Foods to bring its mobile grooming truck to three area outlets this month.

    The company's truck, "b. Mobile by Baroo," will provide on-site services such as baths, coat brushing and conditioning, nail trims, coat trims and other specialty grooming, cleaning and pampering.

    "Like parents, the majority of pet owners are extremely strapped for time," Meghan Reiss, co-founder and COO of Baroo, said in a formal announcement. "Our clients value the convenience we provide them by being able to entrust in us to take care of their loved ones while they tend to other business. B. Mobile by Baroo is all about better servicing our customers in the most convenient way possible."
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    That's a lovely idea. It's just that in usually in and out for Whole Foods in 30 minutes and can't imagine waiting around with frozen food or refrigerated products waiting for my dog to get finished. It must be a scheduling quagmire


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      We have done events like that over the years and having even 2 vans does not allow ample time to accomodate clients simultaneously. The only way it can work is setting up a couple folding leg tables outside the van and have a couple groomers doing nails, brushing, cleaning ears. Just a way to do a courtesy service and hope they will try out full mobile grooming. More of a promotion than full grooming outside a grocery store.


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        When I worked for a shelter, we did a charity dog wash outside of a Whole Foods. Lots of fun, very busy. No grooming or nails or fancy dogs or blow drying, just dogs who needed a bath with a hose and shampoo and a towel dry. I think that makes more sense than having a van, because we did a lot of dogs at the same time. Even for a business instead of a charity, I think a simple dog wash event makes more sense than a van.