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Groom pro has changed HELP!!!!!!!!! I know i am not the only one

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  • Groom pro has changed HELP!!!!!!!!! I know i am not the only one

    Mobile grooming for about 15 years in that time we used the paper card and paper scheduling method not wanting to go for software for fear of loosing info and being in a spot where there is no internet. This march we decided to start Groom pro software all the while still continuing the previous method until we had everyone in and felt safe with the software. The software was easy to start with not a lot of reading a book to learn how to use. I have ADD and I need something that will help take the book work out of the grooming so I can do a good job and make the pet and owner happy. Little over a month ago they started updating the program and we were forced to use the new one before the bugs were fixed it. It is so hard to put into words the absolute nightmare it has been for me having to do ten times the book work. So many things to list. I found someone post a review on Capterra a site for software he put into words my frustration. Not good with words so I will copy and paste at the end of this message. So I guess what I am saying is I don't know what to do I must not be the only one with this problem. I like to give people a chance to fix things but this is a business and we can loose clients money info time and for me personally the love of grooming at all

    Comments: Groom Pro used to be one of the best grooming software solutions. Then they updated it. Now the software is next to useless. The changes are actually why I ended up at this site, searching for better software. The updates made booking a nightmare, there are glitches everywhere, and our entire client pricing history was removed. We contacted the support, which is a joke, and were basically told that we needed to learn to use the new software. Most of the software functionality is currently unusable. Tasks which took one button click in the previous version of Groom Pro now take up to 4 clicks. For example, in order to add a tip to a groomer, which used to be simply filling it in at checkout, now requires clicking the tips button, then entering the tip amount, then selecting the groomer to tip. The update is full of nonsensical changes like this that increase the amount of time it takes to complete tasks and kills workflow.

    Pros: Nothing, as nothing really works as would be expected right now. There are many fantastic features that ALMOST work well, but they don't. Things that almost work: scheduling, pricing, CRM, SMS.

    Cons: Appointments are popping up on random groomers, appointments from the past are showing up in the future, the same appointments are showing up on multiple groomers. Price history didn't migrate in the update. There isn't a way to initiate SMS with a customer; you can only respond to messages sent by customers. It's almost impossible to figure out which groomers have appointments available, as the appointment book is seemingly displayed at random and in no particular order.

    Recommendations to other buyers:
    Avoid this software at all costs until they work the bugs out of version 3.0 (which was already reverted once due to massive negative customer feedback)! Their customer service is horrible.

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    If it were me, I'd cut my losses and switch to other software. Painful to do, but it sounds like this company is having major problems.
    You can go back to using paper until you find something better.
    The problem with software for niche (smaller volume of people) jobs like grooming is that the developer's profits aren't big enough to pay for high quality support and development.
    This is just one of those hassles that comes along every so often. It too shall pass. Also, you seem to be fine with words, apart from a few minor grammatical errors


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      Oh no I'm running the demo and about ready to sign up. It looks like what the demo is version 2.4.


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        What a bloody nightmare..........This is why I still use pen and paper. Barkleigh client cards and receipts, plus post notes taped to the top of client card listing entire year's worth of appointments.......and one magnet on my refrigerator, holding the yellow copy of receipt, while waiting for a client's check in the mail, if it wasn't on the kitchen counter after grooming. One daily appointment book, by Staples which has monthly tabs, and daily 7:00 - 6:00 appointment slots.

        This system has worked flawlessly for 8 years.

        Happy doing it the "old fashion way"

        Dolly's Barking Bubbles, LLC


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          I need my scheduler and Groomer be able to share the Appointment Calendar Online at the same time and make any changes.
          So a Online solution I need.


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            You can share some free online calendars. Google's calendar, for example, doesn't require buying software. It can be shared.

            Originally posted by muttsnmore View Post
            I need my scheduler and Groomer be able to share the Appointment Calendar Online at the same time and make any changes.
            So a Online solution I need.


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              Here's more info on sharing Google's calendar.


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                Emma, it's not the same as a professional groomer appointment program. I use Groom Pro and you cannot use Google the same way. I have 7 people sharing the appointment calendar and inputting groom pics, notes, check in time, check out time, payment, etc.


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                  I need something like groom pro as well.


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                    Fro a multiple Van/ Groomer shop I dont think google calendar as effectives as a dedicated program like Tom needs.

                    For a single groomer none of the programs we've found are as good as good as google calendar and our own database we carry on a pad that keeps pertinent and medical info on each animal.

                    We've had every software guy on the phone and none of them came close efficiency wise, regardless of the price which happens to be free.
                    Every one added unneeded steps and clicks and processes that reduced value by accumulating non profitable time to each task.
                    It was kind of funny listening to it all go down as a third party.

                    The last guy after an hour of heading at the problem every way he'd been trained to basically said - "I think part of the reason you are so successful is that "you lead with the health of the animal vs the profit of the groom".

                    Believe me if I can buy a better mousetrap than I can put together myself Im the first guy to open my wallet.

                    We've been considering a class to xfer our knowledge tips and trick, but havent proceeded because of the ability to offer on going support.