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New to mobile . Where can you fill up your water tank if you live in an apartment?

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  • New to mobile . Where can you fill up your water tank if you live in an apartment?

    I'm just starting my mobile business. Pick up my truck on Monday. I live in an apartment. Where would I fill up my 50 gallon tank?

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    I am really, really curious as to why you didn't think of this before you bought your truck?

    Ask a friend who lives in a house I guess.


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      Originally posted by Maggiespawspa View Post
      I'm just starting my mobile business. Pick up my truck on Monday. I live in an apartment. Where would I fill up my 50 gallon tank?
      You could cut a deal with a local gas station or a sympathetic client- but out West here everyone has locked up their hose bibs as water is expensive now.

      The two next problems are where will you dump your grey water, and where will you work on it for general maintenance.

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        Well I actually live with someone right now, but may move to an apartment. It was just a general question in case I do move to an apartment.


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          Originally posted by cockerlvr View Post
          I am really, really curious as to why you didn't think of this before you bought your truck?

          Ask a friend who lives in a house I guess.
          I thought the same thing, why didn't OP consider this first?
          Ain't always easy to stand up for what is right.


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            Get an apartment with a window on the parking side and use a hose off your kitchen faucet. I don't know really some apartments around here have a spigot outside. Good luck

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              There are a number of ways to pick up water. Options are: top off at a client's house that seems willing and friendly about it. Observe if they have a garden hose within reach in front of their yard. Take advantage of that. It's literally pennies to add 5 or 10 gallons. Another option for an apartment is make friends or "grease a palm" of the complex maintenance guy or manager and see if they will let you fill or top off. Do you have any relatives or friends with homes? Throw them $50 a month to let you drive by and top off.

              I know several mobile groomers who park their vans in dry lots overnight and manage to pick up water.

              For grey water, I'm not condoning breaking any laws but I'd say 90% of local groomers here work with the dump valve OPEN all day. Bath water trickles out as you wash so no torrent of water rushing into the street.

              Another option is talk to owners of self serve car wash businesses which have bays. Make a deal for X amount of money, you will be allowed to fill and dump water. You can dump in the bay which has a center drain. That's the best place to dump your water and legally.


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                carwash.... brilliant.

                if I didn't have a lawn(it loves the greywater) or a spigot thats ideal.



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                  If you live in an area that has a winter with snow and freezing temps then you had better live somewhere you can plug in for electric overnight, to keep your van from freezing.

                  If you live in an apartment, you will have numerous people roaming around at night, and someone may just want to "investigate" your van. I would be scared to death to leave my van sitting there all night without the FBI doing surveillance.

                  I leave my gray water valve open all day, so I don't need to dump 50 gallons at the end of the day.

                  I would NEVER ask a client to fill up your tank......totally unprofessional. Maybe you can strike up a deal with your nearest fire department station.

                  My kitchen faucet does not accommodate a garden hose connection, so I'm not sure that will help

                  Happy purchasing your own house

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                    You are going to have one heck of a time living in an apartment with a van. First around here, commercial vehicles are not allowed to park overnight at most complexes. Second, how are you going to heat the thing overnight in winter? Do you live in Florida or a warm climate? Generator upkeep and cleaning out your van. Most apartments won't allow that "eye sore" You will have to look into renting a house. I'm not sure how you get water since you need something to accommodate a hose. Hope its not a Hanvey that needs to be plugged in daily....


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                      Congratulations on your new van!

                      Hi Maggie!

                      Congratulations on your new van! How exciting it is to start a new adventure.

                      Here are some food for thought while living in a apartment and running mobile.

                      Finding a water source will be a challenge. Check your local gas station that you regularly fill up at, and ask the manager. But always have a back up plan as managers can quit and rules can tighten up. Lesson learned there!

                      With no luck in finding a new source of water and beyond frustrated, I called up my town's water department and ask them if they had any ideas. Low and behold, a source of water was under my nose the whole time! They have something called a bulk water station that is open year round. I can’t even begin to tell you how much of a blessing it has been. I just have to make sure I have a garden hose tucked into the back of my van, but only the one that shrinks up please! Much nicer on the hands. Especially when it's finger numbing cold out! When looking at your options of water sources, make sure it is Potable water only! Non-potable is water that’s contaminated and is a tremendous health hazard. Other options to consider, but I personally haven't are... firehouses, car washes, other businesses, etc. you have to become real creative here! It is best to find solutions that have you be independent, because asking favors from friends can lead to sour grapes.

                      If you need to plug your van in the winter time (or year round for inverter charge) it's going to be an even more difficult to find a solution for. Many times apartments don't have outlets to plug into and if they do, they won't let you plug in as they can't regulated it to see how much your van is costing. Running a extension cord from your apartment window to your van works as you are hooked up to your own meter read, but apartments won't allow that for liability reasons as extension cords running along the sidewalk is a tripping hazard and blocks handicap access. Plus it not looking aesthetically pleasing in their eyes. Best option is to find an apartment community that has a garage attach to it so that way you can back your van in and feed the cord under the garage door. That way everyone is happy. And you can keep a close eye on your van especially in the cold months, nothing more heart breaking then finding your van frozen!

                      Others have pointed out about troubles with graphics, this should not be an issue as most apartments don't have HOAs. Yes, some apartments will have you park the van in the back of the community but if you are gone for the majority of the time, it should not be a problem. If worse comes to worse you can always buy removable magnet to cover up your logo and number. Having minimal graphics to begin with would be in your favor. Ask your leasing manager before signing a lease, to see if it will be a good fit for you to rent there. You don't want to be surprised later.

                      Another thought too if you rent a house is... does the house reside in a community that has a HOA that will forbid you to have your commercial vehicle? You do not want the added stress of having to deal with HOA legal threats and harrasment. Plus landlord breathing down your neck as it effects their property status, even if your van is pristine. Oh the joys of being mobile! It is clear to see that no matter how much you love being mobile, our vehicles/trailers will dictate us on where we will reside.

                      I would check RV storage lots to see if there are any electrical so you can be a year round customer. But having the van always at your immediate access is best, because mechanical mishap will happen but we never know when. I have heard of people renting space at mechanics but I don't know how this works as you would need your van out of the way during business hours and sometimes weather conflicts that. If anyone knows, I would be interested. The ultimate dream is to rent a heated garage that has everything you could possibly need, but that is not always realistic and costly if you do find it.

                      Yes, renting an apartment (even a house) with a van is quite difficult and not ideal, but it can be done. All things are possible.

                      I wish you all the best in your endeavors and hope you find what I shared to be helpful and if you have any further questions just let me know!