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Stressed Pets? Mobile Vet Care and Grooming Could be the Answer

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  • Stressed Pets? Mobile Vet Care and Grooming Could be the Answer

    If you have an anxious pet, you know how long and miserable that ride to the vet can be, and you can have a similar experience going to the groomer as well. Now, pet care on wheels is coming to the rescue of anxious animals and concerned owners.

    Mobile vet clinics and groomers, who make house calls, are making life a little easier for everyone. Dr. Erin Zaring has always loved taking care of animals, and since she started taking her clinic to her clients six years ago, she's seen her business grow. She says the convenience is hard to beat, and that's not even the best part.

    She says she the mobile visit is also helps the pet's health.

    "When I get to examine an animal completely because they're not stressed and they're not so upset that they're resisting the exam, I can gather a lot more information and give them a much more comprehensive exam," adds Dr. Zaring.

    In the mobile unit, she says she can do just about anything they do at a traditional bricks-and-mortar clinic, including taking x-rays, administering anesthesia and conducting surgeries..............
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    Years ago we had a mobile vet.. she was awesome! Then we moved 20 min away.. and no mobile vet . I'd love to have one.. would be so much easier for the cats.
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      I use one of the first full service (meaning everything on board the unit) mobile vets in the entire country. I used to work for him, and we had more than one television crew come to film, plus the company that makes the mobile vet hospitals, used to pay him to lecture on how successful he was, and how he did it. He is close to 70 now and fortunately for me his son will be following in his footsteps. Although I actually go to him at his house, I do occasionally have him come out, like when all the dogs are due for rabies, makes it easier than hauling them all over there.


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        Not really a mobile vet, but my vet comes to my house when I have to put down a loved pet and it really is so much better than in an office. I would love to have a mobile vet serve our area.