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mercedes-benz sprinter 3500

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  • mercedes-benz sprinter 3500

    Hi all,
    I have a question on this particular van and how reliable it is.
    Have you found it to have high maintenance cost and repairs.
    Is there a particular mileage that would be considered too high and time to move on to a newer unit.


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    Uncle Dave here on the forums knows a great deal about Sprinters.


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      As the choice cargo van for many small companies its a very reliable machine. 4 year old and only 30K, but 5-7 destination 5-6 days a week for 50 weeks a year so low mileage but its of start stop cycles.

      So far only one repair (def heater) under warranty and standard tires and brakes. Other than that nothing broken,

      Sprinters are tricky because some are set up to idle continuously and that run time isn't free in terms of rotational cycles and smog equipment lifespan.
      You could have a van with 50 thousand miles on it but 150K miles of equivalent engine run time hours so you can't always go by simply what the odometer says.

      Id probably stop looking over 125K, and Id steer completely clear of an idle powered rig,

      The best indicator of how much longer life left on a used rig is knowing what it did prior.