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Best credit card processor for multiple vehicle mobile

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  • Best credit card processor for multiple vehicle mobile

    I'm currently using Square. It works great but it's a bit pricy and I'm adding the first of what I hope eventually will be a number of new groomers to my organization. So, I'm wanting to take a second look at what's available. Know of something more practical and/or cheaper than Square?

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    I would not go with a traditional merchant contract with wireless terminals that you must lease and be responsible for. We did that for several years. Yes, the swipe rates are better than Square, but we had terminals stolen from the vans and cost me hundreds in deductibles to replace them. If a groomer drops it, you have to pay.

    I feel the best way is to process cards with the groomers' smart phones and there are several mobile merchants like Square that you get the card reader and hook it to your phone. That way there's no contract, no device to lose. There are some that you take a pic of the credit card, no device at all.

    There are websites that compare all the mobile merchant companies and there are some that have better rates than Square.


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      Personally I stick with square. No extra fees no extra terminals. Easy to use and it only charges fee for card swipes not the whole register . And... they gave me capitol. I pay off as I run cards. They take a percentage. It allowed me to purchase some new tools and things for the salon that were needed. Hopefully they will offer it again once I am paid up. I have been using square for 3.5 years. No problems.


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        And no monthly service fee


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          I now use Paypal in my shop, but can anything be easier than Square? Hard to imagine.