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Pregnant and can't afford to shut down

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  • Pregnant and can't afford to shut down

    I just found out I'm pregnant with my 2nd child. I have a 10yr old son now. I'm worried because I'm going to have to stop my business at some point but Bulls will still need to be paid. I thought about hiring someone temporarily but have no idea the legalities of doing that and who wants to work only for a couple months? Also it's hard to trust anyone to take your baby (my business) in their hands. Anyone else go through this?

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    I worked right up until the end with both of my pregnancies (kids are 18 months apart) I took 6 weeks off after my daughter was born and 4 with my son with a little planning i would think you could get most of your clients done before your due then they would be ready to be groomed again in about 6 weeks. If the work load is to much you could hire a bather. We I started back to work I groomed around my kids nap and nursing schedule. My kids have spent alot of time in the shop with me. Most clients are very understanding. As for while I was off I had a maturity fund (money in a jar) to pay for things while I was off. Just my 2 cents on what worked for me. Good luck and congrats

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      You could sell and work there once you come back.
      You could Hire out help, Do you have enough business that they could at least be part time for the year once you come back ?
      You could hire a bather to really help you.


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        I'm 35 weeks pregnant with my 3rd. I have owned my mobile grooming business for 4 years now. It's only me, I tired hiring someone last year before I had surgery and a month before it didn't work out. I wasted so much time and money on her. I didn't feel like going through that again. My customers are very understanding. I'm going to take 8 weeks off and if I choose to go back early I just have to get ahold of them. With it being the summer most just plan on me cutting their dog hair shorter and waiting till I get back. As for affording it as soon as I found out I was pregnant I started putting my tips aside. Surprisingly a lot of people tip me very well. I can still do everything the same just as I wasn't pregnant I just get tired faster. Good luck