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  • Cancellation Policy?

    I was wondering how everyone handles cancellations i'am starting to get fed up with people cancelling or not being home when I get to their house for their appointment. We also find that if they make an appointment and we call the day before to confirm they will say " oh we couldn't wait and took the dog somewhere else, sorry I meant to call" Right now we do not have a cancellation policy so this is quite frustrating not to mention losing time and money. My question is who has cancellation policies and what are they and how do you inforce them and get the client to pay a fee if they cancel or simply aren't home for their appointment? Thanks and any ideas will be appreciated.

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    After 8 years, we still occasionally have this problem. New clients get a confirmation call the day before AND right before the van heads to their appointment. If no answer, both times, we do not go. Unfortunately, you cannot charge a new client for the loss of the appointment. Having many regular clients, you get a sense of their habits, like who always moves their appointment last minute, who is always late or sleeping when we arrive. We purge out these clients who are "flaky". We have a standing appointment program which clients get on a 2,3,4,5 or 6 week schedule and they are given the day of their appointment well in advance. That allows for consistency and the more you get on a schedule, the safer you are from no shows.

    But we never punished a client for a no show. We had many client emergencies like someone got sick, dog sick, called into work, etc. It happens but you need to confirm day before and day of.

    I find it very rude that a client will book with you and then cancel cause they got the groom done somewhere else and couldn't wait. A lot of new clients book and then cancel due to financial reasons and won't admit it. They did not get the groom elsewhere.


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      I occasionally have a client cancel an appointment, but, instead of an outright cancellation, they want to move their appointment back due to either a vacation, out of town, or pet surgery, etc. These are the ones that drive me crazy, because I'm so booked out that it really puts a strain on my schedule/body when that day arrives that I've made room for them. It's never made me mad, because they are all good excuses, and life happens....and "makes my day" since I get to go home early. If you get a N/S on a current client, I would ask for their garage code or spare key, so it doesn't interrupt your daily schedule. I never do reminder calls to my clients, I'm already spend half my life running my business, so it is up to the client to remember...and they do.

      Happy dealing with "life happens"

      Dolly's Barking Bubbles, LLC


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        We have a 48hr policy that equates to a $50 charge. Obviously things happen, so we use our judgement. It is more for new clients then it is for our regular loyal clients.


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          We have a successful shop and I have a notice of a possible $25 cancellation fee, but if they do it twice, I have a talk with them, one on one. No more or I will help them find another groomer and I do it with a smile. 99% are healed after that talk, if they don't come back, fine.


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            I have a $25 dollar no show fee, stated in red right on my appointment cards. I give one warning and if happens a second time I charge them. A third time and they are fired.

            I don't care if people call the day before or even an hour before but if I show up at your house and you aren't there I'm annoyed and you'll pay. Now if there is a true emergency of course I don't charge, but if they are like oh I ran to town and then just forgot, yep.

            Conversely, I have failed to show up for an appointment that I simply didn't write down. I took care of them on my day off and gave them 25 dollars off.


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              I am not mobile, but have a no show/cancellation policy in place. Doctors/Dentist offices do it, and so do I. It equates to 1/2 the cost of a regular groom. If it is a true emergency then I don't charge, but if it's an "I forgot..." They get it tacked on to their next groom

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