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Animal Lover Finds New Career as Mobile Groomer

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  • Animal Lover Finds New Career as Mobile Groomer

    Going to the dogs might just be the best way to describe the new business of Maria Drew.

    Maria has spent the majority of her adult life in sales but she has always had a passion for animals. In 2010, Maria and her husband, Rick, were building a petting farm in Clever, MO, a small community north of Branson.

    “We had four different species of foul and 11 varieties of farm animals and livestock. We had just purchased a train and a bounce house when Rick was transferred back to Florida,” Maria explained. “Being among all of the animals was like heaven for me. I just loved being a part of their lives and taking care them.”

    Rick is the marketing director for East Ridge at Cutler Bay and a published author of two true crime books and a children’s picture book.
    Wanting a new career, Maria attended a licensing program to become a dog groomer a little over a year ago. To gain on-the-job experience after her school, she began working for a dog resort in Miami.

    The couple purchased a Mercedes Sprinter van in July 2015 and Maria explained to Rick what was needed to transform the van. He went to work on the vehicle on weekends and evenings............
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