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  • What Grooming Bag?

    I need a good grooming bag (hoping to not spend me than 50$) and a bag with Amazon prime would be awesome (since I leave in 1 week!) I'm leaving for grooming school and I desperately need a bag that will fit EVERYTHING.

    This is the bag I bought and it cannot even fit half of my stuff comfortably. I need something bigger. Thanks!

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    Maybe just get an ordinary backpack for the big bulkier stuff. Grooming students often carry too many unnecessary items that they may never use.

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      Most people I know just use a fishing tackle box from Walmart. Or a basic metal tool box from Home Depo


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        A rolling craft bag from Michaels or Joanne fabric


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          I used to use a metal caboodle. Still have it. For school or just beginning it will gold everything. I think Walmart might have some not sure if they are metal though. Under 50 for sure


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            When I went to school, most of us all had a small, hard plastic tool box. Has a nice strong handle, light weight, opens up and you have all of your tools piled inside. You could also put a lock on it, if you left it overnight in the classroom.

            I commend you for taking the time, money and energy to improve your education by going to grooming school.

            Happy going to school

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              Yes, tool box and maybe back pack both. You should have books so. But get a tool box as you will have clippers, Blades, brushes, combs and scissors.


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                I started off with a duffel bag provided by school with all of my brushes falling out of. I switched to my jewelry making toolbox (Black and Decker toolbox) to make everything fit AND it's on wheels, which is a big deal day after day. It looks like this link, and I have space for more stuff. And I have a LOT of stuff..... The only thing I think I would prefer is that it had drawers rather than having to pull off the top toolbox to get to the lower one, but 10,000x better than a duffel. I bought it for like $25 10 yrs ago at Home Depot, but there are a lot like this still out there.