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Bathtub suggestions anyone?

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  • Bathtub suggestions anyone?

    I work at Petco as a groomer. I am currently hoping to branch out as a mobile groomer. I don't have a van but I plan on purchasing a Prima Bathing system & a blow dryer and working out of my Ford Ranger truck. My goal is to simply do BATHING at a low price and to do it quickly. So the only thing I need is a bath tub. So I was looking for suggestions. Obviously I could use the owner's tub, but I would rather show up to the owner's house take them out to my truck, bathe them in the back of my truck and dry them while I'm brushing them. Obviously there are many details to work out, but right now I'm looking for a tub(s) that can accommodate big/small dogs, can drain, etc. Any suggestions guys?

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    Is your Ranger set up with a cab conversion enclosure in the back with a large doorway for entrance/ you have a 50 gal water tank for fresh water, or a hot water heater for warm water ? What about your source of power.....generator....or are you going to run extension cords from the owner's house to your Ranger ? You will also need a grooming table, to do ears, nails, under paws and santi trims. You will also need exhaust fans...... and A/C during the hot summers/furnace during the cold season.

    I can only shake my head when you say, "low price" and "quickly". To do a thorough bath, conditioning, doing the ears, nails, paws and santi trim, combing/brush outs, and drying, can't be done "quickly" and you want to do all this at a "low price".................

    I would save every penny you make and purchase a used van that is already setup for grooming. Then I would advertise total grooming and set my prices that is fair in your area so you aren't undercutting anyone else.

    Happy saving $$

    Dolly's Barking Bubbles, LLC