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  • How long did it take you

    How long did it take you from Going to Dreaming about owning a Mobile grooming Business to actually launching your business?
    For my wife and I we are about 6 months from thinking about it and have about two more months to launching our business.
    Main reason it has taken this long was saving the Money for Paying cash for the Grooming Trailer. Our trailer should be done by the end of July.

    So the Major Mile Stones have been.

    Registered Trade Name "Completed"
    Tax ID Verification Letter "Received"
    State Business License "Received"
    Town Business License "Submitted"
    County Trailer Plan Review and Permit "Submitted"
    Mobile Trailer Ordered
    Domain Name created and WebSite Created
    Jody Murphy Mobile Business Book Received
    Partnership Name Registered
    Partnership Agreement Created "This is banks requirement for opening a business account"
    Business Plan "In progress" I'm ordering Mobile Business in a Box to help me with this.

    I have big laundry list of stuff I need or Like to do prior to Opening.

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    I guess it's comparatively easy to open a business where I am compared to you. I knew when we moved back I'd be going mobile, I got here around July 9th, we had a party for a few days (cocker nationals so I had a lot of out of town guests and a bbq for 30 people) that was over on the 13th, hubs started building the van then and I was rolling August 7th.

    All I had to do was get the state business license, and the business license for each of the counties I serve.