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  • Going from Salon to mobile

    How hard was it for you to go from salon to mobile. I was a home based groomer, got divorced last year, went to a store front and hate it. So I'm ordering a trailer and going mobile. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!!

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    Best decision I ever made. Transition was fairly painless. Had a few clients insistent on bringing their dogs to me so I obliged. Most of those dogs have passed. I maybe do 3 dogs a month in my unit in the drive way. Oh when people call and ask for a quote be confident in the price you quote. That was the hardest for me as my prices are now double plus $15 more then my shop prices. They will either book or not most people get that it's more because you come to them.

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      Good question, I am curious about this too. I know I have regulars that would never pay double for the convenience of at home grooming, so I would lose them. However that is interesting doing some at my home like littleark mentioned.