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Landscaper shatters window with rock

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  • Landscaper shatters window with rock

    I was grooming yesterday at a hirise complex when suddenly there was a loud CRACK!! by my shoulder; I looked over, and a landscaper wielding a weed whacker had hit a rock and flung it into the big picture window of my grooming van. I yelled at the supervisor and he came over and we both watched the window as it shattered slowly into little jigsaw sized pieces,w hich then fell out of the frame. Scared the bejesus out of me.
    He took full responsibilty though, and paid up promptly. Luckily it is my old van that I am junking in a few weeks, as soon as I finish fitting out my new van.

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    Wow that worked well. If you sell the old unit you can say new window!! LOL


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      Better now than your new unit!