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    How do you plan your routes? I've been searching for a good customer mapping app.

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    Depends on your geographic location. We schedule by neighboring ZIP codes. We cluster maybe 3 or 4 ZIPs per van per day. We basically have 4 sections of town. We try to stay in one section but sometimes we have to hit all 4 in a day. Basically we try not to zig zag or double back and forth. Start your day either farthest away and work your way back home or start your day closest to you and work out.

    We have a nice laminated map of our city with ZIP code boundaries and when a call comes in we look at the map and find a day of the week we can match it up with another stop that's close by. Once you start your appointments on a specific day, then you can get a better picture where other clients should fit in.

    Please don't let the client pick their time cause you need to fit it in the right place that's best for your route. You can certainly accomodate a certain day of week or early or late appointment. You need to let them know what YOU have available or you will be driving all over town. It's a learning process. My wife after 8 years is a master at routing and having standing appointments makes it easier cause you know who is coming up every X amount of weeks. Like every thursday one of our vans has the same 3 clients. They are 1X week and all live close to each other. Then we can add a last appointment thursday afternoon about 3pm,


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      As a new mobile groomer, you probably will be going every which way to fill up your day in the beginning, but once you start to get established, then you will automatically start to schedule according to location/section/town. There are days that I have to "clean up" and I drive up to 4 different towns just to get the groom done within the client's requested grooming schedule (4=6=8 weeks), but the majority of times, I just do a cluster of appointments in one section/town.

      I think Tom said it best.

      Happy going mobile

      Dolly's Barking Bubbles, LLC