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  • Buying used checklist

    Has anyone ever seen a checklist for buying a used van and trailer, like inspect this, that, this, that etc. Ask this or that. I think I could easily forget somethings without one. Appreciate your help.

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    Would seem that new or used would require the same things be checked out. ( You might find a checklist for new on s different thread ).


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      I have never seen a checklist for either.


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        New is new, no real reason to check anything out. If it doesn't work it will be made right under warranty.

        Never seen a checklist for used though. Common sense would prevail here. Maintenance records and make sure everything is working.


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          Check the van itself like any used vehicle. If it's good, then move to the salon part. Check all working systems, run the generator with a full load. I can go into detail if you have specific questions about what to look for.


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            Pretty much what Tom and Cockr said.

            Cocker- I check everything like a hawk new or used regardless - even if warranty work and parts are free its still your time to come and go and wait on getting it fixed.

            You'd be amazed at how much "new" stuff that doesn't work I see. Toy haulers are the master criminals in this arena, grooming vans second, RV's third.

            No records - assume nothing been done.
            On top of a thorough hose, belt, suspension and brake and exhaust checkout - A vehicle should get at minimum a 5 drop blotter panel done - oil, rear end, brake fluid, coolant, trans.
            Not as good as a lab but lets you know if you should should change out fluid.

            inspect genset belt, oil, carb etc... test at idle for surging and under load. possibly perform X hour service.
            Test every single subsystem under genset load .
            Check batts..anode rod...
            Then under house load individually up to the breaker.



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              I have seen checklists for people buying used cars and trucks.


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                Definitely the maintenance records are important and verifiable. Asking to have all equipment demonstrated including the tub drainage etc.


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                  Make them show you everything that is supposedly working.