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    Hi, I have driven mobile before for another company but I am looking into buying my own van. I will be looking at a van this week that is a 2008 wag'n tails pet pro with 45,000 miles on it. They are asking 40,000 for the unit. Does this sound about right or high? Also I have never actually owned a van before so all I did was groom. What kinds of questions should I be asking?

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    My first concern would be the number of hours on the generator........I'm thinking that when you get close to 5-6,000 hrs, you will need to be changing out the gen, and they cost 4-5K. I would request the paperwork on last time gen had a tune-up. Make sure all equipment in van (shop vac, clipper vac, table, dryers) are all in good working order. I would request paperwork on the truck's oil change and tire rotations, and if tires have been replaced recently. My tire replacement cost $700 last week.
    I would check for rust on the vehicle.....8 yrs on the road takes it's toll.

    Personally, I wouldn't purchase a van more than 3 yrs old, due to the "nickel and diming" that is your future with an older van.

    Make sure that where you live, you are allowed to park a commercial van, with logo, in your driveway......many neighborhoods do not allow it. Make sure you will be able to fill up your water tank everyday, and to plug in overnight, especially in the winter. If you live in a part of the country that has "winter weather" that you know how to winterize it overnight to prevent freezing up your water.

    Good Luck and have fun

    Happy going mobile

    Dolly's Barking Bubbles, LLC


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      I have an 08 Wagn Tails Pet Pro with 110,000 miles on it. It's running fine even though the gen went at 8000 hours. Wagn tails told me last year my van is worth about 25000, so for you to pay 40,000 seems vastly overpriced. Yes, the mileage is super low at 45000, but like Dolly said, find out the Onan gen hours. under 3000 hours and with maintenance records is not bad. I assume if the van only has 45K miles, the gen hours are not very high.

      If this van has 45000 miles and is 8 years old, it sat around many many days. May be a good find at the right price. $40,000 no way. Remember, this van brand new in 08 was about 62,000 depending on options. This owner expects to only lose about 20,000 after 8 years? If this van was gutted and empty, the van itself is only worth about $13000 according to blue book. The wagn tails conversion adds the increased value.


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        Thanks for the info guys. I definitely know that I can park a van with a logo where I live as I currently still live with my parents and my dad has had about 5 vehicles with company logos on them sitting in the drive and we haven't had any problems for the last 15 years or so, and I also have access to plug in and water. I think I'm still going to go out to see the van, but I won't buy unless they are willing to do a major price decrease.