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    What has been your most valuable resource of Mobile Grooming information? Was it a book or particular DVD? Was it an individual?
    I have a good grasp of the grooming side but lack the business know -how. I know that I can figure it out but where should I start?


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    For me it is the combination of the frequent advice givers...Irish Setter Tom, Cockerlover & Dolly with respect to the business side...scheduling, charging, routes, etc. They are all different and I take what I like from each one and use it and then often tweak it to suit myself. I used to like Glass Onion too but she doesn't post much anymore.


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      I think that if someone is interested on going mobile, to contact an area mobile groomer and go for an all day "ride along". There you will see the groomer in action from start to finish.....and do this with several groomers, because we all have different routines. When I started, I didn't know any groomer, but purchased my van, got a website up and running and started out slow with 2-3 dogs a week for a month, then it picked up speed. I'm surprised to say that I really haven't changed my routine after 8 years of mobile grooming. The business part came fairly naturally, just good common sense. Also there are some good seminars on mobile grooming at the Groom Expo's. Good Luck

      Happy riding along

      Dolly's Barking Bubbles, LLC


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        Hands down this site is a top place. There are incredible mobilers on here and it is free and fast.


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          There's also the book "Go Mobile and Succeed" by Ellen Erlich!