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Blue Dog Grooming Trailer is difficult to maintain?

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  • Blue Dog Grooming Trailer is difficult to maintain?

    I recently bought a Big Blue Dog trailer and my Go-To RV repair guy is having a heck of a time figuring out how to access things to maintain and in the future do repairs. Anyone have some info that would help him out. Like were is the water pump? And why won't the AC work when plug into shoreline? Any advice on pulling the generator? It seems like they built the fiberglass dog around the generator.
    Any past hydr__d_g groomers out there who could smarten me up?
    Good Dogs to You All!

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    I looked for this online to see if I could find anything and I couldn't.

    I need a forklift to get my genset out for servicing. Nice.

    AC- hard to tell could be xfer switch (if it has one) wiring, blown breaker at the wall or trailer..

    Ive never seen a grooming vehicle built yet designed for easy servicing.

    They are designed to fit the subsystems and thats it.

    A gross oversight in a vehicle with high service demands.

    Manufacturers totally downplay the service aspect as " anyone can do it" and "we'll have you covered" - they don't. They can get you a part in a day or several, but who puts it in ?



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      Classic form over function approach.


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        Cute not functional, I agree.