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What is the best tub for a trailer

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  • What is the best tub for a trailer

    My current 8.5x14 trailer is homemade, but is 15 yrs old. It is time for a new one. After much shopping around, I have decided to have one built by a trailer company that builds their own trailers and a variety of conversions. For me, Wagntails is too big, and Hanvey is too small.....both out of my budget as well. My new trailer, is going to be a 7'x12' (wheel wells on inside), with gen mounted on the front. I found that the 8.5' trailer is too wide.
    Any advice on the best tub to install? I do a number of large dogs, which I currently walk into the tub right off my table. So, I want at least a 4.5ft tub. I can't decide on SS or poly and if I should get one with a ramp. I have a hard time believing that some of my big dogs will go up a ramp. I do want to have a tub with a rack for small dogs as well. I currently use a bathing beauty type systems.

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    The plastic Booster Bath from Pete Edge. I have one I got off Amazon for 8 years going strong and I love it.


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      If you are willing to spend, Dura Dog stainless tub has a well made tub with either a left side or right side entry door, 3 walled backsplash with sliding loop clips, tub grates and shelf for small dogs. It's plenty big, 24 front to back and either 48 or 54 wide. I can fit anything in it and it's way bigger front to back and deeper than what Wagn Tails offers, plus ramp and door.We had to not use the legs it comes with and raise it up a few inches to fit the water tanks directly under the tub. Downside is it's $1400.

      If you dont want to spend that much, a regular fiberglass white tub and shower walls from Home Depot will work with some modifying.


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        I have a dura dog tub for a shop and it has held up quite well.


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          Oh I just reviewed the used ads here and those plastic tubs are sold but I see them here occasionally. Porcelain would simply be too heavy, so plastic or stainless makes sense.


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            Probably the poly if cost is a concern but I also want to say for the money, Groomers Best SS is a deal.


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              In my home built trailer I just have a normal bath tub

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                Gas mileage improves with less weight so the poly is probably much lighter?


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                  A long as you have some budget I think Tom nailed it.

                  The dura dog tub strikes a good balance between steel gauge, weight, features and cost.