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Crack down on IC groomers???

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  • Crack down on IC groomers???

    We are hearing from CA and MA grooming business owners something is up early in this year. I suspect something is up, no state representative is telling me there are. But suddenly the calls are coming in from groomers in these states, what else could it be? It is the business owners, not the IC groomers, the ones saying that their groomers are ICs.

    CA groomers you can get determinations at a state level using the DE38 form, which is similar to the SS8 federal from and I read it. I have reviewed a fax copy sent to me, and if the groomer is not renting a dept or station and running a truly separate business grooming THEIR clientele, they are employees.

    Another heads up from this early contact, if THE BUSINESS OWNER IS COLLECTING THE FEES, NOT YOU THE GROOMER, and then giving you the fees for you, good luck saying you are legally an IC.

    This is a developing story we will track.
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