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  • My new trailer

    I took delivery of my trailer a few months ago from Richard & Carol Doggett at Tag-Along Mobile Grooming Salons. I've just now gotten it exactly the way I want it. It's small but very efficient; everything is right where I need it and everything is within reach. Now, I just need to keep practicing backing it into driveways.

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    Take it to a large parking lot and practice practice practice. 3 yrs mobile and sometimes my trailer hates me and it takes me forever to back in. Also be aware of what's behind you at a clients, if there is a driveway, or cross street (in a neighborhood) I will pull into the drive way knowing I can back straight out to the cross street or driveway. Other times it's just easier (again not on majorly busy roads) to park at the street. Get an orange safety cone to set out on the rear street side of the trailer.

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        Very Nice!


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          I own a Pro WGT, and I never park in the driveway, due to the slight upward angle from road to garage. It may not seem much, but to your bathing system, it can cost you double the water usage, due to the placement of the water drains. If you park on the street, you won't have the hassle of backing up, but you will also have a new hassle, such as mailboxes, neighbor's driveways and other parked cars.

          Happy saving water

          Dolly's Barking Bubbles, LLC


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            I have a home built 6x12!trailer... Most times I avoid driveways and just park on the street. Keeps my rig flat and I feel safer not having to back out! It took me a couple of times backing into my driveway to get used to it, but now backing up is a breeze!

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              Thanks for the advice guys! Parking on the street just seemed too easy :-)


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                Congrats!!! That is so exciting

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                  Nice trailer. I would not want to clean it after a big hairy blowout. You have too many items on the wall behind the table that will be full of dander and hair. I assume you blow out in tub?


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                    The hair hasn't been a problem. I do try to do as much in the tub as possible and as for all the hair accumulating on my equipment on the wall ..... I just swipe it with my shop vac with the brush attachment. I have everything secured so nothing falls while the trailer is moving and that makes it easy to keep the hair off. Being diligent in cleaning as I work makes it easier too. Using my ClipperVac is a definite plus.

                    One thing I really like is the vent system. It has air/heat of course but I can slide open the large window and turn on the ceiling vent fan. That little fan sucks a lot of the hair up and onto the screen over the vent fan. Then all I have to do is hit the screen with the shop vac before I turn the fan off.


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                      Just a suggestion from past experience, take a damp towel or towels and drape them over your tool shelf and bottles, whatever you can to minimize the cleanup. My old Pet Pro I lay towels over all the shelves when ready to blast coat all over the place.


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                        Originally posted by IrishSetterTom View Post
                        Just a suggestion from past experience, take a damp towel or towels and drape them over your tool shelf and bottles, ....
                        Thanks for the great suggestion. I'll try that tomorrow.


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                          Congratulations on your new trailer.