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Stafford Mobile Groomer Put People, Pets at Ease

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  • Stafford Mobile Groomer Put People, Pets at Ease

    Maybe dogs think she's got the magic touch. Maybe it's her soothing English accent. And maybe her sense of style is all the canine rage.
    For mobile dog groomer Danielle Kitzmiller, it could be all three that make her business successful. And it can't hurt that she gets to know the pups' parents, too.
    Kitzmiller, who lives in Stafford, operates a mobile dog-grooming business that relieves customers of the need to transport their animals for services.
    She'll travel to homes in Stafford, including south Stafford's U.S. 17 area, and to Quantico near the Marine Corps' base.
    Kitzmiller said that her business focuses on a niche group of customers who for convenience or necessity, don’t take their pets to groomers. This includes people with pets that are anxious or older and people who are stay-at-home parents, working odd hours, disabled or elderly.
    Other customers simply find it easy to have a groomer come to them.
    "It seems to work out really well. They're more comfortable in their own homes," she said of her customers and dogs.
    Kitzmiller, who's known as Danielle the Dog Groomer online where she advertises, said that her favorite part of the job is creating real transformations that make dogs look and feel better.
    "I love getting a dog that's in really nasty condition and making a big difference," she said. "I love to transform them.".............
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