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New conversion smooth walls

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  • New conversion smooth walls

    This would be our second conversion
    Fist conversion we went down to Home Depot and got the regular granulated bathroom wall panels but I have seen many professional trailers and vans built with smooth wall panels which I would prefer
    I've researched and reserched and have not been able to find where to buy them
    Anyone know
    Thanks in advance

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    Do an online search for "painted aluminum sheets" for your area. I did a search in the Houston area and got hits for all kinds of metal supply houses.


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      I used a laminate (Formica brand) on my latest conversion. It's the same stuff Wagn Tails uses. It comes in sheets, very thin and needs professional skill to work with because it needs to be bonded to thin plywood and then installed section by section. You need pro woodworking power tools and lots of room and ventilation when gluing. The advantage is it's light, smooth, shiny and easy to clean and can take years of abuse. It's very expensive. Over $700 for just the laminate sheets.

      The FRP fiberglass sheets sold at home stores is heavy and the texture makes it a pain to clean. One of my older vans has it and I have to use a bristle brush to clean the walls. Advantage is it's cheap, easy to work with and available anywhere. I'm not sure, but I thought Home Depot can order the FRP in smooth sheets but it's a special order.


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        Did you find something Patty?