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  • dehumidifier

    My van is really horrible with humidity, I bought a dehumidifier (the ones for homes that you have to put a pebble inside and "water" fall under it into a box) but honestly it flows over my van and I have to change the pebble everytime!
    So I was wondering what kind of electric dehumidifier you have in your van ? (Must be really small!)

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    Never heard of mobile groomers using one. The 3 speed ceiling vent fan is what dehumidifies. I have 2 on the ceiling. It pulls massive amount of air from the van which in turn dehumidifies. Use it when bathing and drying. You will get humidity more so in a groom van due to bathing and drying besides the weather outside your van. Some days the walls drip with condensation and I live in the desert. They key is to pull out as much air as possible and the roof fans do that well.


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      Would it be faster, weather and situation permitting, to just open the door a few times for a few seconds and let the inside air out, or is that a stupid idea?


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        I have meant to ask this question many a times on here until my husband told me about the ceiling fans as well- it works WONDERS! For some reason I never put that together. I have a fan on low in the very cold win a cracked window while drying and it cuts the moisture in the van by at least 60%.

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          I have a A/C that's also a heater, and I plug that one while bathing, and drying during winter, in summer I open up the doors.
          I meant for closed hours during night, humidity comes