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    Anyone own one of these and how do you like it.

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    I haven't used one. I have and love one of these:

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      Tag-Along Trailer

      I did a lot of research before buying my trailer and had to focus on what I needed and not "ooohhhh, that would be so cool". I went with Richard & Carol Doggett's Tag-Along trailer. Their website is: I decided to do my own lettering and found a great website for vinyl printing ( Since taking these photos I have taken out the storage cabinet and replaced it with a 5 drawer tool box. I have a Double K Challengair 9000 II stand dryer and a roll around stool in my trailer and have plenty of room. I love this trailer! The Doggetts were really easy to work with too.

      Click image for larger version

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        I have one and love the big windows for natural light and how spacious it is inside. I have a few houses with up to 5 dogs and all can come in at the same time and have room to nap while I do their pals. Also for me the dual tires have saved me a lot of headaches as I use to curb check a lot ( lol) and still seem to pick up nails at least every couple of months. I am able to still drive it enough to get it out of traffic. The one thing I would recommend it not to get the standard tub but maybe get the stainless steel as I am having a rust problem and will have to replace my tub soon... which is going to be a pain. When I do decide to get a new trailer it will be a Gryphon again.