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  • Add-ons

    I've seen some threads discussing add-ons and I'd really like to get some added sales. My basic price includes quality shampoo, nail grinding, blueberry facial and tooth brushing (because I can't bear to charge people for a useless service). Currently, my available add-ons are temporary colors, nail painting, Madra Mor, sugar scrubs and ACV soaks.

    My question is, what do you find must people are interested in and how do you advertise your add-ons? Since my clients don't usually come to my trailer, I either have to push the items verbally or I've thought to make a little menu to hand the client...

    P.S. The add-ons are also listed on my website

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    Make color copies of fliers and or menus to hand out to your clients in anticipation they will be interested in doing something next visit. Write on it to mention the flyer when they call to rebook so you can add time to the stop.