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Van stolen at customers house

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  • Van stolen at customers house

    My girlfriend is mobile near Lexington and had her van stolen while at an owner's house. She took the dog back to the front door and went inside for about 10 minutes. Yep she left the keys in the ignition, doors were closed but not locked. She stayed until the police arrived. She got a ride home but here is the good news just in, they found the van abandoned at a mall about 20 miles away. They took some of her tools, her mobile phone, laptop, and wallet with about $200, and ipod. LOCK UP at clients.

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    Wow! Never know what will happen in life.
    Well, good news is that the van was found... but losing money and belonging... that is a hard lesson.

    Every mobile company I have worked for...I have always locked doors as soon as I get out .. either to get the pet or bring them back. I also keep doors closed and locked always while grooming. You just Never know!!
    Keys stay on me the entire time they are not in the ignition.

    Glad your friend is ok. Things could always be worse.


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      Thank heavens no one was inside the van waiting for her. That would have been terrible.