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    Part of being a pet parent involves keeping companion animals clean and healthy. Many people rely on the services of professional groomers to bathe their animals, trim their nails and give them haircuts when necessary. Grooming does more than just help a pet look his or her best; it actually can be beneficial for the pet's health as well. For example, matted fur can tug on skin, cause discomfort and be a home for parasites, while long nails can make it difficult for pets to walk.

    Pet owners can find groomers in various ways. Private groomers usually have their own stand-alone shops, and many groomers are affiliated with veterinary hospitals or popular pet stores. All of these options share the same component: They require customers to come to them. However, mobile groomers provide the same level of service without asking pet owners to leave home.

    Mobile groomers offer all of the same services as traditional groomers but do so in a less traditional way. Mobile grooming vans and trucks boast all of the amenities of a brick and mortar grooming salon, but they are not anchored to any particular place. There are many advantages to using a mobile pet groomer besides the convenience of not having to have a pet venture far from home.................
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