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Moving from CA to AZ but need input on selling client list & waitlist

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  • Moving from CA to AZ but need input on selling client list & waitlist


    We are moving from Orange County, CA to Scottsdale, AZ. We have a pretty successful mobile client base here (we haven't accepted any new clients for almost 2 years & have a contact waitlist of about 200 potential clients)

    We have reached out to multiple mobile groomers in our area to see if they would be interested in purchasing our CLIENT LIST (yes, I know our clients are not under any type of service agreement so they could go elsewhere if they choose. But all our clients say that they want to use the company that we recommend even if the groominh isn't as good as long as they are sweet to their pups & are not flakey)

    We have a few companies that are very interested in taking over our client base BUT the question is

    How do we base what the value (selling price) should be? We aren't trying to make a bunch of money off it but just want to make sure we leave our clients in competent hands & make a little to help with our moving transition.

    Side note : We already looked into hiring someone to keep our route here but couldn't find anyone we could trust & our lawyer said it would probably be more of a hassle than its worth to run a business from out of state.


    thanks so much for your feedback

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    Sorry to say, the client list is not worth anything without selling the business as a whole, like the van and company name, phone so it looks like your company is still a "player" in town. To sell a list and leave it to a groomer to hope some or many clients will follow a new groomer in whatever vehicle they can muster up, match prices, match client requests such as first of every other Friday, etc., will be impossible. Plus, clients or their dogs many not "click" with each other and when all is said and done, the list really has no value whatsoever.

    I have personal experience with this. A close friend picked up and moved out of state and wanted 10 grand for their mobile clients that he tried to sell me. Mind you, I have 3X the amount of clients and several vans fully booked. I politely said I cannot and he tried for months to sell it. No takers. He went as low as $500 and still no takers. He wound up moving and what happened is many of his clients called us anyway and any other mobiles in town.


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      My daughter bought a client list they wanted $5K. She settled for $3K and has kept over 100 customers for a year. So what a bargain.


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        I don't understand what you're trying to do. selling a client base is only tangible when selling a business with it. I doubt you have a real claim over those customers as well, just because they like the way you groom doesn't mean you own them. who would pay when they could just wait until you leave and the customers naturally migrate elsewhere


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          I am planning on moving in the next few years. I am house-call so my client list is the most important way of my business. I am completely booked and have about 60-80 clients total.

          My goal is to take the new person with me to every (or many) appointments and see if/when the clients click, as well as check their grooming skills. If all goes well for all three parties (me, the sell-ee, and the majority of the clients) , it'll be an easy turnkey business. The sale would also include name, phone number, all marketing materials and all social media outlets, and some equipment (folding table, dryer, etc) .

          I will need to hire a lawyer first though to be sure there is a non-compete and privacy, as well as checking with all of my clients.