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  • Plush Portable Salon Pampers Pets

    In pet stylist Windy Haugen’s eyes, dogs aren’t just beautiful, they are canvases for a work of art.

    “When I look at a dog I see a sculpture,” Haugen said. “I can see the lines and the shapes and the design.”

    With every snip, trim, cut and brush, Haugen creates four-legged masterpieces inside her upscale four-wheeled mobile grooming salon, Le Dogg Spa.

    But not only is Le Dogg Spa a place for lap dogs to get groomed and beautified, it’s the lap of luxury for pampered pets.

    Calming aromatherapy, relaxing essential oils and a jetted hydrotherapy massage are all part of the salon’s stress-free environment. During the grooming experience, Haugen fills her mobile spa with the soothing sounds of classical music, which helps create a sense of tranquility for the dogs, Haugen said.

    “It’s really important to keep this environment as calm as possible,” she said. “And it’s also about my energy, too. If I’m having a bad day I have to take a step back and refocus myself. Because if my energy is low the dog will sense that, too.”...............
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