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    It might be worth it for some of you to look into a variety of insurance companies. More and more big companies are becoming familiar with mobile grooming industry and offering polices. I originally used Governors to get my 2010 van insured and then shopped starting with my personal insurance (State Farm) to handle the mobile policy but my agent was really terrible and she just couldn't grasp the concept of a mobile van and I just couldn't trust that I would be properly insured. I ended up going with All State and they too although new to the industry were able to provide me with a better policy at $1200 compared to $2400 for Governors. Also, when I was selling my shop an insurance business was looking at it and when I said I was going mobile they happily said they do mobile policies. So more companies are in it and it might save you some big bucks to look around. It all depends on the knowledge of your broker IMO.

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    Allstate doesn't provide professional liability, and that can cost you your business if sued. Just a heads up. I only know of 2 companies that provide professional liability.


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      May I ask when you last talked to an agent outside of Pet Biz or Governors and did you talk to one agent or many? I do have professional liability and I have AllState.


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        About a month ago for TX or NM.


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          At first they said yes. What they were telling me is I was covered if a customer got hurt at or in my truck, but when I asked if the dog gets hurt in my care and I get sued for malpractice, that was the keyword, NO! No malpractice coverage...just what I was told when I asked that way. If they claim my neglect caused harm (malpractice) do I have coverage. NO, Allstate doesn't not write those kind of policies. I had to describe it that way, using the word malpractice to get the answer. I am sure it is different from state to state too, but just sharing until I used the word malpractice and described like a pet jumps off my grooming table, oh no, not that kind of professional liability. Glad it worked out for you. It might just be not applicable here where I asked, or just for pet care industry. I know state farm writes it but when asked for pet care, I got a no also. Weird.


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            Below is an email thread with my All State agent that I cut word for word and pasted. The XXXXX's are me crossing out my name.


            Let's just say I injured a dog and it had $3000.00 in vet bills. Where does it say I am covered if I am, and what is the deductible.

            Agents Response

            Morning XXXXX,

            Please find attached sample of the "Misc Professional Liability ", that is included in your quote. Please go to section 1, A, Second paragraph. There you will note the statement of your coverage, if you were to injure a dog, etc.

            I am waiting for Product Mgt to call me back, as to the deductible amount.

            and also from my agent


            One policy is for the mobile van and the other is for your Business Owner's policy, which covers your "bailee", personal property (like your clippers, etc.), and any other type of business liability, which you might be sued over.

            XXXXX Look at it this way:

            You had a store, which had to be covered: now you have a mobile store, which has to be covered.

            You have a business, which was in a lease space: now you have a business that is in a mobile van. So the business still needs to have coverage. Part of this coverage is for "bailee" and any other type of liability you have as a business owner. The business, has nothing to do with the fact it is now in a mobile van.

            Each entity, needs its own coverage. It just so happens, that Allstate is able to insure you for both (just like you have with the current company), for less!!

            Any other questions, please let me know.


            Hi XXXXX,

            OK...we finally have it all put together for you. As you can see from the quotes, now your premium for both, will be about $1245.00 I have the effective dates for both the 25th. of January, to tie in with your current policy and those effective dates.

            Take a look and let me know what questions you might have.