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How many appointments? Taking more for the holidays?

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  • How many appointments? Taking more for the holidays?

    So I'm finishing up week 5 in the trailer. So far, so good. I think that is. I've never done this so I'm not sure if I'm booking appropriately. My original goal was to work 4 days and do about 5 a day and end up with around 20 for the week. That sounded good to me. I don't mind doing more if I have a lot of multi dog stops or something. My first week had 18 and ever since then I have been over 20 every week. Sometimes by as much as 8/9 dogs. Did I originally aim too low? I figured between the clean up in between and the driving that 5 was about right to work about 7ish hours a day. I've had some crazy days where I've been gone 11 hours! (don't get me wrong, the money is great but....I'm tired!)

    Also an add on question to the everyday booking is ... do you just plan on working some longer days or do you stick strictly to the number you want to do, no ifs, ands, or buts? I find myself slipping into the mindset of when I worked at the vet's office of squeezing in a few here and there. My thanksgiving week (mon-wed) is ugly. Really ugly. Or maybe its normal and I just don't realize it but it sure seems like a lot of dogs! I know I'll be so exhausted I'll probably sleep through thanksgiving.

    So been there, done that, much wiser than me mobile groomers...HELP, please. What do you average appointment wise during the normal times and during holiday times?


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    Except for the four days, that's exactly what I like to do. Five a day. For the holidays? Yes, I fit in more. I start earlier and work later. Still the max I'll do is eight a day and only if some are multiple dog stops and for the two weeks prior to the two big holidays, my weeks are six day work weeks. And I only do that because I know I've got five days off after. I'm just not that into killing myself at my age.