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Ahhhh!!! Dryer died!!!

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  • Ahhhh!!! Dryer died!!!

    One of the motors on my K9II dryer burnt out on me. Repair guy told me it's not worth saving. It's 11yrs old. Any cheaper yet effective alternatives or should I just get another K9II?

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    Find a new repair guy. You can replace a motor in a K9 II very easily and get it up and running again. It's just a cylinder with 2 motor and switches. Everything on this dryer is repairable. If I recall, a single motor is about $120. I changed one myself a few years ago.

    You know what, there's a repair man very close to you in Lake Elsinore. He's called Dr. Dryer. He fixes them on the spot. His name is Raymond. He travels with all his parts and tools and goes to groom shops to rehab dryers and change brushes.


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      Time for a new dryer

      My dryer was already 11 years old. I'd rather buy new and have some warranty than repair it and only get 90 days or so.
      These are the options I have...

      Moves 218cfm at 17 amps cost 399.99 hp not listed (5stars/Amazon)

      Moves 330cfm at 13 amps cost 219.00 4hp (4stars/Amazon)

      Flying One.
      Moves 240cfm at 16.36 amps cost 178.00 4hp (5stars/Amazon)

      My spare is a
      Metro AirForce Blaster. Moves 130cfm at 9.5 amps 4hp (4.5 stars/Amazon)

      I had this dryer in storage. Never used it. It works fine for now.

      I'm leaning towards the B-Air2


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        Wags Supply is an Option, all the dryers over 200$ have worked for me. i Also have two Lasko Blower Fans to dry faces on dogs that hate the direct air even on low


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          I would have the dryer repaired. Then buy another one. Buy the K9. The specs are the same on paper but its a better. Stronger dryer. But. Many people who have k9s have them 20 yrs. Motor is easy and as you know last forever. I don't replace when repair works.
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            I guess you don't understand how these dryers are put together. The outside body of the dryer is just a metal pipe, cylinder. The "guts" are the 2 motors. If you replace a motor, it's brand new, not fixed. If you replace both motors, in essence, you have a brand new dryer without a new hose. A new one is 365. To replace 2 motors plus labor is 260 or so.

            If you want to sell me your K9 II, I would gladly fix it and have a dryer for years. You go ahead and get a new one if you so choose. You will regret the BAir 2. I used one. No comparison to the venerable K9 II.


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              I wound up returning the B-Air 2 dryer the day it arrived

              The hose was way too stiff and the connection on the dryer would only fit their own products. Didn't like it at all.
              Got my repair guy to replace the burnt motor and replace the brushes on the other motor. He also found that the gasket needed replacing causing a major air leak. Now it runs better than it ever has since I've had it. He repaired it in a day and cost just $200. I was satisfied.